Bazzill Basics Cardstock

Bazzill Basics Papers Huge range
12x12 and A4 Acid & Lignin Free
Cardstock for all Crafts - 100's
of colours available.


DownUnder Direct Linen Cardstock

Over 100 Colours of Linen Cardstock
Great for cardmaking or Scrapbooking
An excellent range to choose from.


Total Cardstock Range

Cardstock to suit all your cardmaking,
wedding invitation or craft needs. Plus
a range of beautiful embossed and
metallic ranges available.

Why Buy Bazzill

How is Bazzill Basics Cardstock different and why does it stand out above the rest?

Bazzillpaper is manufactured using the highest quality cotton and wood pulp and is coloured using long lasting pigments. 'DownUnder Direct' has been distributing Bazzill now for 6 years and in 2005 obtained the goal of Bazzill's largest international distributor. We know paper and we know the quality we sell. We will not lower our standards, we love the product and stand by the company. Needless to say there are cheaper products around the market place and available to you if you wish to purchase them and like everything it is priced accordingly. We hope with more valuable information that you will read here it will help you decide what you wish to purchase to put alongside your most precious photos and memories.

We would also like you to note that when something is good it will be copied, no doubt, if you know of anyone that is indeed selling the far inferior copies of paper off as "Bazzill" then please let us know the details and we will investigate it legally.

Let's start with a number of issues that need to be taken into consideration when making paper.

Some of these are the kind of wood pulp used, the quality of the cotton used in producing a far superior paper, the type of products used to obtain the colour, this can be done using Ink (water based) or pigment Die (powder form and more concentrate and longer lasting)

Paper can be manufactured from wood pulp, cotton materials and even all kinds of discarded recycled products.  It's a bit like making a cake..the finer and higher grade of ingredients you use the better overall result you will achieve.

Paper Colour.

The paper colour can be produced at the point of manufacturer with the pigment die put into the pulp to obtain the colour. This gives a true consistent colour all the way through the paper and the result is a far superior product giving the highest quality available. There is no room for error. No blemishes can be covered up and the paper result is high top grade paper.  Alternatively the colour can be changed by using Ink water based products not quality powder pigment. The final way  to obtain the paper colour is to simply and quickly print the colour over the top of the paper once it is completed thus covering any blemishes that might have been obtained in the manufacturing process.This result will give you a different core colour and the print is easily removed over time or sanded off. This way will also lend itself to produce inconsistent colour variations due to the printing process.

Paper Quality

As previously mentioned paper can be manufactured from various sources giving a quality grade result.
Some people may think this is not important however the higher the quality the better result you obtain in many  ways and over the long term life of the paper. This is important when scrapbooking as we want our projects to be around for many future generations to come. You can spend countless hours and high costs in recording your memories so you want to achieve the highest result possible. Some of the benefits to you in purchasing quality paper is it will cut better and cleaner and will not blunt your trimmer blades as quick. Poorer quality paper using recycled products puts more pressure on the blade as it cuts causing frequent blade changes, frustrations and extra costs. The light fastness is greater on quality products causing less fading and it will also fold better if you are wanting to make products off the page.

Paper Acidity.

Acid & Lignin free paper also has a product called calciumcarbonate added at the pulping stage of manufacturer to control the alkaline/acid level of the paper. Even though you may think or know your paper is indeed acid free you really don't know the grade oracidity of the ink that may have been applied to the product. The more that is done to the paper over various 'after' stages the more unlikely the product is perfect for preserving your memories.

So why buy Bazzill? It is truly a product of the highest grade and that will indeed be around for the generations to come who will take great pleasure in the time and effort you have taken to record your precious memories.