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Tuesday, 25 October 2011 09:16

Bazzill NEW 2 colour Cardstock

Bazzill Basics Paper is adding a unique line of colorful, textured paper to its collection. This cardstock is sure to be a favorite of paper artists who like to tear, emboss, distress, ink or sand.
Each sheet of extra-special, 12×12, premium cardstock has a delicious sounding name, and offers the con- venience of crafting with two yummy colors all rolled into one paper. The sheet can be used as is – or the second flavor (shown along the strip with the bar code) can be revealed to create decadent color combi- nations that always look great together. Try ripping or sanding to expose the color underneath:

We’ve even added a choice of “sprinkles” on top. There are three simple, embossed textures to choose from, so pick your favorite:


32 fantastic NEW colours and textures to choose from.
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